13 Reasons Why (or Why Not) to Watch

April 19, 2017

Ok, so we’re not here to give a definitive answer on whether or not to let your teen watch Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why. Books can be a great way to start discussion on heavy topics and the television could act the same way. The sources below contain reviews and discussion questions to check out if you wanted more information on the book, Netflix series and more.

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Discussion Questions:
1. Is there one specific event that would have changed Hannah’s mind?

2. Do even our smallest actions have a “butterfly effect?” (look that up if need be: here’s a refresher)

3. Did you like the alternating narrator device? How did it hurt or enhance the story?

4. Why is Mr. Porter “lucky #13”? Was his advice so bad as to warrant his position (Hannah says, “can, take the tapes straight to Hell“ p. 9) or is it something else? Why did Hannah record their conversation? Did she give him sufficient time to answer? Why do you think she kept interrupting him?

5. Rumors. Gossip. They sell. Discuss the TMZ, Perez Hilton, Enquirer, and People magazine mindset. Why do we gossip? How does it feel to be talked about? How would it feel if the rumor being spread was untrue?

6. Was Hannah powerless? Why or Why not? How could she have been more in control of her own life when everyone around her seemed to be pushing her down?

7. Was Hannah overly sensitive? Could this have been a result of depression?

8. Why is Clay on the tape? Do you think he deserves to be there? Do you think he thinks he deserves to be there?

9. There are several symbolic elements: The man at Rosie’s letting Clay leave without paying, the stop sign, the Lost-N-Found Gazette, Hannah’s poem,. What roles do they play in the story?

10. Hannah’s parents were absent from the story. How do you think they feel? Are they responsible? At what age are we responsible for our own actions?

11. Did you like the ending? How is Skye a symbolic element? What will become of Clay & Skye?

12. Will Clay be permanently changed? How? Why?

13. Should Hannah have made the tapes? Why do you think she did?

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